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Package menu



  • Salad goat cheese

    with honey, apple, walnuts and mustard dressing

  • Marinated salmon tatare

    with dill sauce and shrimp

  • Beef carpaccio

    with pesto, rocket and Parmesan cheese



  • French Onion soup

    gratinated with cheese

  • Tomato soup

    Pomodori tomato soup

  • Tom Kha Kai

    Spicy Thai chicken coconut soup with vegetables

  • Chefs specialty:

    fish soup

Meat dishes

Meat dishes

  • Cheeseburger

    Hamburger, Cheddar, lettuce, bacon, onion, gherkins, tomato and special sauce

  • Little grilled chicken

    with apple sauce home style, fries

  • Spare ribs

    Marinated spare ribs, two cold sauces

  • Liver of veal

    with fried onions, bacon and apple

  • Escalope Vienna style

    with a slice of lemon

  • Holsteiner schnitzel

    Escalope Vienna style, fried egg and apple sauce

  • Cordon bleu

    with brie or cheese

  • Minced steak

    German style with fried onions

Fish dishes

Fish dishes

  • Small grilled salmon

    with tomato risotto and White wine sauce

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian dishes

  • Veggie burger

    Tofuburger, hummus, Cheddar, lettuce, gherkins, onion, tomato and special sauce

  • Green curry

    with thai vegetables and rice

  • Grilled and marinated cauliflower

    with pumpkin, lentils, couscous, tomato and goat cheese



  • Parfait

    Dutch spiced bisquit parfait, crumble and red fruit coulis

  • Dame blanche

    Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, warm chocolate sauce

  • Van der Valk Sorbet

    Fruit cocktail, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet ice, raspberry sauce and whipped cream

  • Café glacé

    Coffee cream, vanilla & coffee ice cream, mocha sauce and crumble

  • Toucan dessert

    Vanilla ice cream, chocolat sauce and whipped cream