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Live Cooking

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we present an all-inclusive Live Cooking buffet.

Come enjoy this spectacular buffet including:

  • Various home-made salads and starters such as soup, smoked salmon, shrimps and beef carpaccio.
  • Warm dishes such as a stew, pizza's, spare ribs, vegetables, potatoes, fries and rice.
  • Our cooks will grill or wok your fish or meat à la minute. Think of beef steak, rib eye, hamburgers, sole, salmon and tuna.
  • Dessert buffet with ice cream, home-made pies, fresh fruit, chocolate mousse and a chocolate fountain.

Unlimited coffee, tea, soda's, beer, wine and Dutch gins are included.

Friday 6 - 10 PM
Adults: € 35,00
Children 3-11 years: € 17,50

Saturday 6 - 10 PM
Adults: € 37,50
Children 3-11 years: € 18,50

Sunday 5 - 9 PM
Adults: € 35,00
Children 3-11 years: € 17,50*
* On most dates the price for children is only € 5,00. Please select a date and the correct price will be shown.

Children up to 3 years old are free of charge.

Prices 2020 and subject to price changes.