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Restaurant De Kleine Leeuw

In July 2022 we opened Restaurant De Kleine Leeuw. The restaurant is located behind the hotel next to our natural farm. Here you can enjoy a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, an à la carte lunch and an à la carte dinner. The (non-smoking) terrace offers a view at the meadows with goats, sheep and chickens.

The Sunday Brunch and the Live Cooking buffet will not be offered here.



Enjoy an à la carte lunch in Restaurant De Kleine Leeuw.


Enjoy an à la carte dinner in restaurant De Kleine Leeuw.

The former main building

In July 2021 our hotel was hit by a fire. The main building, where the fire broke out, contained the Valk restaurant, the Live Cooking restaurant and Restaurant Upstairs. The main building is so damaged that we can no longer open this building. The plans for a completely new building are at an advanced stage and we expect to be able to start construction in the autumn of 2023.

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