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Sea and beach

Voorschoten is a wonderful starting place to explore the beaches of the South Holland coast. Scheveningen, Wassenaar, Katwijk and Noordwijk can be reached quickly, both by bicycle and by car or by public transport.

One of the most famous and largest beaches in the Netherlands is Scheveningen. The beach of kilometers long, where every season is something to experience. Go sunbathing on the beach, swim in the sea, enjoy a glass of wine at one of the beach bars or stroll around the cozy boulevard.

Something more active in mind? The port is ideal for sports, for example, to surf. At the harbor is also the 'The Hague Beach Stadium', the largest stadium for outdoor beach sports in the Netherlands. In the stadium, which is free for the public, various top sport events take place during the summer months, such as beach volleyball and beach soccer competitions.

The Pier has been completely renewed since 2015. It has become a full food boulevard where you can go for street food, restaurants, bars, terraces and shops. Car: 16 km / ± 20 min. Bike: 13.6 km / ± 40 min. Public transport: Average travel time ± 1 hour

More looking for peace? The 8 km long beach of Wassenaar is relatively quiet and perfect to recover completely. At the beach there are several pavilions for a snack and a drink.
The extensive dune area lends itself perfectly for a nice walk.

Car: 16 km / ± 25 min. Bike: 13.3 km / ± 45 min. Public transport: Not accessible by public transport

Katwijk is a real family seaside resort. It has a 4 km long sandy beach with several pavilions, a 2 km long promenade and a marina with an open connection to water sports areas. Behind the beach is the shopping center 'Zeezijde' where, during the summer months, every Tuesday is a tourist market.

Car: 21 km / ± 30 min. Bike: 16.0 km / ± 45 min. Public transport: Average travel time ± 55 min.

Noordwijk aan Zee has several beaches. Firstly, the beaches on the north and south boulevard, and secondly the Duindamse- en Langevelderslag, which lie in the direction of Zandvoort.

Because of its location both the Duindambe and the Langevelderslag have a completely different atmosphere than the beaches on both boulevards near the center. The beach auctions are surrounded by nature, dunes and tranquility.
The Duindamseslag can only be reached via a walking / cycling path through the dunes. At the end of the Langevelderslag is St (r) andplaats Nederzandt, which is accessible by car.

Car: 26.5 km / ± 35 min.
Bike: 11.5 km / ± 65 min.
OV: Average travel time ± 65 min.