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Wassenaar, located 10 km north of The Hague and 6 km southwest of Leiden, is one of the most beautiful municipalities along the North Sea with a coastline of over 8 km. The atmospheric village center of Wassenaar is surrounded by dunes, forests, country estates and villa parks. Not for nothing is Wassenaar called "the green oasis of the Randstad", a name that the municipality owes to its many green and pleasant rest.

Wassenaar came into being as a residence for the church that was built on the long dune in the 12th century. This church is named after the evangelist Willibrord, who first set foot in Wassenaar from England to spread Christianity in the lowlands. The construction of the Heerweg, the current Rijksstraatweg, between The Hague and Leiden, also contributed to the growth.
After the railway line between The Hague and Scheveningen was constructed in 1907, the residential areas to which Wassenaar owes its reputation arose. The population only really started to grow after the opening of the "yellow" tram line that connected The Hague, Wassenaar and Leiden. Wassenaar now has about 26,000 inhabitants.

The Louwman museum is located near the washing machine. This is an interesting museum where The Dawn of motoring, Motoring, racing and Luxury cars are on display

Inhabitants and tourists can explore the region on bicycle by using the cycling node system. Carefully selected cycle paths, roads, routes and attraction points together form a network, where the intersections of roads / cycle paths are marked as a junction. The Haaglanden Urban District wants to mobilize and support the inhabitants of the region and tourists in discovering and recreating in the municipality of Wassenaar.
Of course there are also wonderful walking routes through the wooded area. After dozens of municipalities in the Netherlands participated in the preliminaries for the Wandelgemeente van het Jaar 2013, Wassenaar was nominated together with the municipalities of Midden-Drenthe and Ommen for the Wandelgemeente van het Jaar 2013.

In the center of Wassenaar you can still find many authentic beautiful buildings. Around the Square and the Dorpskerk you imagine yourself at the beginning of the 18th century.