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Leiden has a lot to offer. The city has a rich history, many museums, theaters and a cozy city center.

This historic city will charm you with its charm, its class, its conviviality and its hidden treasures. Leiden is surprisingly enriching, stimulates your curiosity and invites you to take a look at her glorious past, to enjoy her valuable present and to look forward to her promising future.

Leiden has fantastic museums. Dinosaur skeletons, masterpieces by Rembrandt and Lievens, Wajang dolls from Indonesia, the medical history of bloodletting to breast prosthesis, an Egyptian temple, treasures from Japan, everything about Leiden Relief or a journey of discovery through the human body: all to be discovered in the Leiden museums.

Leiden has, after Amsterdam, the most water flowing within its gates. The historic city center of Leiden has a total of 28 kilometers of canals and canals. To get over all those canals and canals you need bridges. The Leiden city center has no less than 88! Leiden is easy to view from the water. The Leiden shipping companies have a wide range of cruises and packages, but you can also rent a boat yourself. The historic city looks very different from the water.

The canals in Leiden run past the museums, the Leidse hofjes and many historic buildings with beautiful facades. In addition, you will find food and beverage outlets in the many places near the canals. Often with the terrace right on the water.

Leiden is also a great starting point for beautiful day trips in the area. The Kaag and the Braassemmermeer are just around the corner and you can also sail to places like Katwijk, Delft and even Rotterdam

With more than a thousand shops and restaurants in the city center, Leiden is the shopping city par excellence. On this page the six versatile shopping areas in the center introduce themselves to you. You will see that there is something for everyone! We cordially invite you to discover Leiden.

De Breestraat is rightly the street with the widest range. The street exudes creativity and houses a nice mix of large and small shops in numerous genres. Where personal service is of paramount importance. A street where everyone feels at home. Did you know that .... the Breestraat has a height difference of 3.5 meters and the dot in the middle is actually the center of Leiden?

Shopping is a real journey of discovery under the imposing Pieterskerk. An authentic part of Leiden full of surprising boutiques, special shops and cozy intimate restaurants. An enchanting walk through the past and present.

The great thing about the Doezastraat is that you can always park there. And it is so versatile. All daily groceries are for sale, we book our holidays there, buy our sports supplies and also for our small sprout we can go there