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Attractions and outings

In the area there are many theme parks and activities to make your day trip complete.

The Keukenhof
Where can you enjoy the best of the sultry spring scents and colors than in the Keukenhof in Lisse. More than 7 million flowering tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other flower bulbs have ensured that Keukenhof is the most beautiful spring park in the world for 60 years. A unique combination of flower shows, art objects, inspirational gardens and special events provide the ultimate spring feeling. But there are also several indoor exhibitions and special children's routes, making the Keukenhof a success for young and old. The trip to the Keukenhof is already a highlight in itself, with a bicycle or car. You can admire the bulb fields at various locations. During the opening hours we offer different packages.

Do you want to experience a fantastic day out? You can do this in amusement park Duinrell and the tropical Tiki Pool with more than eleven water slides and water attractions. From Waterspin and Splash to the roller coaster Falcon and indoor playground Rick's Fun Factory. At Duinrell Amusement Park there is a lot to do for everyone.

Space Expo
At the Space Expo in Noordwijk you and your children can learn everything about space travel. A lot is told about the life of André Kuipers in space during the longest space mission ever with 193 days. You can view the original suit of his 2004 trip.

In Madurodam you discover what makes the Netherlands so special. This is where the miniatures and their stories come to life. In Madurodam you will find all fun interactive 'do-things'. As a visitor you can, for example, get yourself into the skin of a pilot and learn how to fly at Schiphol. And by closing the Oosterschelde barrier in time, you will ensure that the land behind it will not be flooded. You can also load containers together on a ship in the port of Rotterdam.

In the Archeon in Alphen aan de Rijn you will go on a journey of discovery into the past. In the Archeology House you can see an informative film about the finds from South Holland. On the terrain you can view the camp of the hunter collectors and discover what it looked like 8,000 years ago. Afterwards you will come very close to the Romans by going on a discovery tour or relaxing in the heated bathhouse. You can end your day with a visit to the Middle Ages.

Bird Park Avifauna
The bird park has more than 1,800 birds that can be admired daily. You can see bird species such as the Helmcasuaris, Humboldt Penguin, Lapland Owl and the fluffy flamingo. The bird park has many activities for the young and old. Go with the family through the Filipino jungle or behold the feeding of the birds. At midday the parents can relax, while the children enjoy the large playground.

Louwman Automobile Museum
The Louwman Museum houses the world's oldest private collection of automobiles, assembled by two generations of the Louwman family. The foundation was laid in 1934 and the collection now comprises more than two hundred and thirty antique and classic cars. Connoisseurs regard the collection as one of the most beautiful in the world. The museum exudes passion. Each automobile tells its own story and thus makes its own contribution to history. They are mirrors of culture.

Theme park Drievliet
Drievliet located in Rijswijk, used to be a place with landscapes and gardens. In 1938, Drievlietopen was opened, with a teahouse, swings and seesaws. Drievliet has become an amusement park for young visitors. The park has 4 roller coasters. Drievliet owes its name to the three streams located there: the Vliet to Leiden, Haagvliet and Delftse Vliet.

Corpus Leiden
You experience the 'journey through people' in groups of up to 16 people. Corpus works with departure times. On average every 7 to 8 minutes 1 group of visitors leaves (at 9.30 am, 9.38 am, 9.45 am and so on). If you do not book a ticket in advance, it is possible that tickets are no longer available at the counter or that you have to wait a long time before a spot is available.

Sea Life Scheveningen
Discover the surprising underwater world at Sea Life Scheveningen. During a walk along more than 45 aquariums you will meet famous fish such as cod and lobster, but also rays and starfish! In Amazonia you can imagine yourself in the tropical rainforest, you can see the beautiful inhabitants of the Amazon River, including the dangerous piranhas. In the underwater tunnel "Typical Tropical" you will experience what it is like to take a dip in the tropical seas. Surrounded by 180,000 liters of water you will see a sea turtle, black tip reef sharks and beautiful corals! Also meet our otters Sien & Saartje.

Butterflies on the Vliet Leidschendam
Butterflies on the Vliet is a tourist, tropical (indoor) butterfly garden in Leidschendam. He has transformed 850 m2 greenhouse into a true jungle butterfly garden with hundreds of butterflies, many small seed eating birds