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Welcome to Hotel De Gouden Leeuw where it all started 150 years ago.


When Nicolaas van der Valk bought the Boerderij de Gouden Leeuw in 1862, he could not have suspected that this purchase would form the beginning of an impressive empire that would, like no other, make a real mark on the Dutch hospitality industry. It has grown into a family business with nearly a hundred hotels and restaurants.

Nicolaas received a total of 24 children for which he had to earn a living. From the municipality he got permission to turn the Golden Lion from Melklokaal to café on the busy Veurseweg. Sadly, Nicolaas died in 1902 at the age of 77. His wife then ran the cafe with her sister. The youngest son, Martinus, was then 7 years old. In 1929, Martinus took over his mother's café for 12,000 guilders, after which he quickly expanded the café with a children's playground, among other things.

In 1920 Martinus had already opened his own butcher shop. The butcher's shop is currently in the Valk Versmarkt.

Around 1939 the Veurseweg was widened as a result of which the Golden Lion had to give way, but Martinus was given permission to build a new catering facility, slightly more backwards on the land. He set up stables with hotel rooms for the traders. In the Second World War the family had to give way and put themselves in safety. When the war was over, the family returned to the Golden Lion unharmed, where they found it battered. Time to roll up your hands again.

Martinus and his wife Rie wanted the girls to take good care of themselves and had work and they got the idea to open their own business for each child: Van der Valk0 Restaurants was set up.

With the purchase of catering establishments for everyone, the Van der Valk empire expanded naturally.
In 1958, Martinus opened the first Belgian branch in Brasschaat.

From 2015 the Valk concern started with the first Valk Versmarkt. This fresh store is active on the private market. Food and drink lovers can indulge themselves here.