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Fire in the hotel

In the night of 15 July 2021 the hotel was hit by a fire. The fire was quickly under control and no injured persons were reported. The fire started in the server room and caused damage to all our servers and electrical equipment. Together with the smoke-, soot- and water damage, the damage is of such a nature that we will be completely closed for the upcoming period. We hope to be able to inform you soon when we can open our doors again.

If you have a reservation for our hotel or restaurant for at least the next months: we are forced to cancel your reservation. If possible, please cancel you booking in your own account. We will do our best to contact al persons who still have a booking in our hotel.

Because of the damage, we cannot be reached by telephone. If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail: We do our best to answer as soon as possible, but ask you to be patient because of the size of the situation.

For new bookings we reccomend:
Van der Valk Hotel Leiden and Van der Valk Den Haag - Nootdorp